Over the years there have been loads of Pokémon special edition consoles. From the Game Boy Light to Nintendo 3DS XL, there are over thirty Pokémon console designs so far. On 27th Sep 2013, two more Pokémon themed consoles were released, the Nintendo 3DS XL Xerneas & Yveltal edition. It comes in two colours, blue and red. The red edition of this console being exclusive to Europe and the USA.

Pokémon Game Boy Color (Yellow)

This special Game Boy Color features Pichu and Pikachu on the screen, multi-coloured buttons and the Pokémon logo. There are a few variations of this console - it was also released in silver to promote Pokémon Gold and Silver. The silver version of this console didn't have coloured D-pad and A and B buttons. Another yellow Pokémon Game Boy Color featured Pikachu, Togepi, and Jigglypuff on the console. It was bundled with Pokémon Yellow.

I chose the Pikachu and Pichu Yellow Game Boy Color for my top five list because I like how Pikachu's cheek is the power light. It's a nice little design touch. Also the multi-coloured buttons remind me of the Kiddie furniture in Animal Crossing. I was lucky enough to pick this console up brand new and in the box on Amazon for £30 a couple years ago. Bargain!

Game Boy Micro

Despite poor sales of the Game Boy Micro, there was still a Pokémon Edition released in Japan. The Pokémon Center exclusive Micro was red and black and featured a Pikachu silhouette on the front black faceplate.

I loved my Game Boy Micro. I used to take it to college and play Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red on my lunch breaks. It was the perfect size for me; no bigger than my mobile phone at that time. Red and black are my favourite console colours and I would have loved to have had this edition of the Game Boy Micro. It's also worth noting the nice packaging that the console came in. Sticking with the red and black theme, it also has a picture of Pikachu and all the starter Pokémon at that point on the back. Very cute!

Latios & Latias Game Boy Advance

This console features silhouettes of Latios and Latias underneath the screen and is purple in colour with pink buttons. It was released in Pokémon Centers in 2002 to celebrate the release of the Pokémon Heroes movie.

It was very tricky choosing a favourite Pokémon Game Boy Advance for my list but I felt the Latios & Latias was the most interesting. I like the purple and pink colour combination.


Charizard 3DS XL

The Charizard 3DS XL was available December last year as a lottery prize at Pokémon Centers. If you were successful in the lottery you were then given the chance to purchase the console. The console is black and has a gold outline of a Charizard.

I remember when the Charizard 3DS XL was released, it was announced that the Pikachu 3DS XL, a previous Pokémon Center exclusive console, would be released in Europe.. It was a tough decision: do I wait to see if this amazing Charizard console will release outside of Japan or buy the Pikachu one? Well I bought the Pikachu 3DS XL, and the Charizard one didn't make it out of Japan.

Pokemon X and Y: Gold 3DS XL

To celebrate the launch of Pokémon X and Y, alongside the Xerneas & Yveltal Blue, there will also be a gold Pokémon XY 3DS LL console available exclusively in Pokémon Centers and the Pokémon Amazon store in Japan. The console is gold and black in colour and features Xerneas and Yveltal silhouettes, as well as Pokemon X and Y Starters Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin. The console is available in two different bundles - one with Pokémon X and the other with Pokémon Y. Both bundles have the games pre-installed on the system.